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    U.S. Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington Sails into Hong Kong Waters


    by NTDTelevision

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    To Hong Kong where a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is making it's regular visit to the island. We got a closer look at life inside the Japan-based aircraft carrier USS George Washington, that operates like a small city. Here's more.

    The United States Navy's Japan-based aircraft carrier USS George Washington has sailed into Hong Kong waters today for a routine visit.

    The 97,000-ton nuclear-powered carrier based in the Japanese town of Yokosuka brought with it the George Washington Carrier Strike Group and the Carrier Air Wing 5 to the ex-British colony.

    The ship from the U.S. 7th fleet makes an average of 40 visits to the ex-British colony every year, according to an official press release.

    One navigator says he enjoys his time on George Washington.

    [Morris Ng, United States Navy Navigator]:
    "You get to hit a lot more ports. And you don't get sea-sick on a carrier, that's a good thing. Because when I was on a DDG (Destroyer), you get a lot of sea-sick. And yeah, you get to see the world."

    Operating like a small city, the ship also carries with it many crew members who are responsible for a variety of services.

    [David Yip, Ship's Post Office Worker]:
    "It's a pretty good experience. I work at the post office. So I just deliver mail to people -- 5000, 6000 people on the ship. It's pretty busy! Thousands, hundreds of thousands pounds of mail everyday."

    The navy said, apart from George Washington, a guided-missile cruiser and two guided-missile destroyers also arrived in Hong Kong for the visit.