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    Chinese Counterfeit Parts Found in US Military Hardware


    by NTDTelevision

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    Recent investigations by the US Senate Armed Services Committee have found Chinese counterfeit parts in military equipment. On Tuesday the Committee held a hearing presenting their findings and proposals to deal with the issue.

    The US Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing on Tuesday on the issue of counterfeit electronic components found in US military hardware—mostly found in electronic systems of helicopters and airplanes.

    Chairman of the Committee, Senator Carl Levin says the Committee asked several large US defense contractors to identify cases of suspected counterfeit parts. The companies came back with a list of 18-hundred cases, covering one-million individual parts.

    [Sen. Carl Levin, Chairman, US Senate Armed Services Committee]:
    "Of those 18 hundred cases, we selected about 100 to track backwards through the supply chain. So where do the trails ultimately lead? The overwhelming majority, over 70 percent led to China."

    On Tuesday the Chinese regime hit out at the accusations saying in a statement:

    "The Chinese government has always paid a great deal of attention to, and has promoted, cooperation with relevant overseas bodies in the fight against counterfeits. This is universally acknowledged."

    Yet the senators say the Chinese regime hasn't cooperated. Staff members of the Armed Services Committee were denied visas to go to China to carry out their investigation and Levin's contact with the Chinese Embassy in Washington led to a threatening response.

    [Sen. Carl Levin, Chairman, US Senate Armed Services Committee]:
    "Shortly after my letter, an official at the Chinese embassy told Committee staff, that if the results of the investigation were not positive, it could be quote 'damaging' to the US-China relationship."