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    James Haskell (James Stewart) has to close his music store and work for his Uncle Charles Haskell’s (Charles Winninger). As James resolves himself to factory work he meets the McCorkle’s; Mom (Mary Gorden) a boarding house owner next to the factory, Willie (Dick Hogan), Donna (Donna Wood) and Molly (Paulette Goddard) who James instantly falls in love with. Horace Heidt and his band (Horace Heidt and his band) are living at Mom’s boarding house, so James starts helping them find jobs. Now Uncle Charles hates the fact, the band lives next door and generally hates music, plus, Charles sponsors a weekly radio broadcast the “Haskell’s Happiness Hour”, a real snoozer of a broadcast. Through a series of comedic situations James manages to get Charles off to Canada as he, James, takes control of the broadcast and introduces Heidt’s band. The whole time Molly doesn’t know that James is a Haskell until Jasper (Frank Melton) tells her. Now she’s mad and announces over the Radio a $1,000 dollar give away on every show which sets up a major dilemma for James and with Mom’s help he manages, and at the same times patches the relationship between the Haskell’s and McCorkle’s.