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    Backyard Monster Shiny Hack 2011 100% working

    Dai Sawamura

    by Dai Sawamura

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    Backyard Monster Shiny Hack = Download at:

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    Instant Resources
    Instant Repair
    Instant Fortify
    Instant Monster Train
    Instant Monster Lab
    Instant Champ heal
    Feed time for champions is 1s
    Starve time for champions is 100 days (the time they will starve should save)
    Zafreeti speed and HP is 10*
    Always have max mushrooms (will still have all mushrooms when not using this hack but they will not reappear on the next load)
    All mushrooms give 8 shiny (after picking 30 in one day will crash but not ban)
    Double resource capacity
    Level 5 yard size
    Always 5 workers
    Upgrade all blocks to black diamond for free (will not be free when not using this hack but all upgraded blocks stay black diamond)