Politely Declining Thanksgiving Invites

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Politely Declining Thanksgiving Invites - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Thanksgiving often comes with many interesting invitations and I know you would love to accept them all. However, that may not be viable so, you can accept two or three different invitations if you can manage the time frames and be everything to everyone. For the invitations that you choose, you cannot wait until you get the one that you are really hoping for. You should accept what comes in first and say yes to it unless there is a conflict of some kind time wise. Two or three invitations will probably be your limit. However, you want to make sure that you are accepting the one is that you truly do want to go to. When people give you an invitation, I recommend, if you are unable to go or do not wish to attend, that you say something lovely, such as "that is so kind of you to ask, I had be delighted to attend, however; I have already accepted another event for our Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Perhaps another year. Thank you so much." And then, it calms down and they feel validated and yet, they realize that you are unable to come. And you always want to arrive with a gift or maybe even send a gift to the people that you were unable to accept their invitation. A small gift would be a lovely item that would be treasured.