Keeping Your Children Behaved at Thanksgiving Party

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Keeping Your Children Behaved at Thanksgiving Party - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Children at events, particularly family events, Thanksgiving events and parties, can be challenging. And you as their parent are responsible for their behavior. Do not just take them to the party and let them loose. Have a practice session; in fact several practice sessions are almost essential. And you can show them what proper behavior is. Etiquette lessons should start as early as two years old. And that might include showing respect for adults. It might say please and thank you, and being courteous. And as they get a little bit older you would want to teach them to shake hands, and also how to introduce themselves. How to bring and present a gift. All the different choices. As many adults they will want to learn those things so they are always welcomed at play dates and parties and events. So as the adult, it is your responsibility to teach them how much noise is acceptable, how to answer the phone, how to be the perfect guest at these events. Because they are a reflection on you. I like to think of the parent as giving parental guidelines rather than their buddy or their friend. You set the standard and you set the behavior of your child. So make everyone is event more enjoyable by giving your children lessons prior to attending the party.