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    Thanksgiving Dinner Tips - Avoiding Guest Confrontation

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Thanksgiving Dinner Tips - Avoiding Guest Confrontation - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Every family is filled with interesting dynamics and some of those dynamics are that certain members of the family will not get along with other members of the family. This is definitely a dilemma, is not it? You have got a couple of choices. My suggestion is going to be, do not invite those people to the same event. A Thanksgiving event could be for some and a Christmas event could be for others. That solves the problem immediately, right up front. However, should you feel inclined or needing to do the invitation of all of these people, you might set some guidelines such as in the email or the note. "And I am so looking forward to a lovely event. I have also invited," the other people. And then, name them so, they know ahead of time and they can come to terms with it. It is an event. As a proper guest, they should not be confrontational on anything as this is an event in your home. Plus you will also have to be in charge of arranging things so it is copacetic and calming. So, not only do we maybe, not get along with all of our relatives, there must be something about them that is wonderful or they would not be your relative. So, focus on the good points, be a great host and be a great guest, knowing what your responsibility is. And it is being charming and graceful and taking on the skills of an ambassador for yourself and your extended family.