How to Exchange Gifts

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How to Exchange Gifts - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Not only is it important to bring a gift or send a gift, it is very important as to how the gift is given and how the gift is received. So if I am going to give a gift, I want to give it like a treasured item. So it is wrapped beautifully, and it is given to them, so you do a slight tilt - in some countries that would be considered a bow - you give them direct eye constact, smile, say their name, 'Mary, I brought this special gift for you. I know how much you love special things'. And then Mary looks at you, makes eye contact so you have got a heart to heart connection, and then you accept the gift. You could open it then, or you could open it later. Some cultures you never open the gift when it is given, so that would be one option. With flowers, you are going to extend the flowers like this. What does a woman do whenever she receives flowers? She smells them. So that is again one of the five senses in addition to the beauty, the smell and the fragrance of the flowers. And then she would set them on a lovely table that would be appriopriate for the size and color of the flowers that you have suggested. Now for men, you do not just hand over tickets to a game. Put them in an envelope and add a little pizzazz to it. And I know men take and give and receive gifts very differently than women, but I think a little extra effort makes it really nice. So think about the gifting, think about how you would like to receive it, and go the extra few inches to make that gift special and significant and memorable. And always write a thank you note.