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    Potty Training for Parrots

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Potty Training for Parrots - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I do not ever recommend that you fully potty train your bird, because birds have been known to hold thwir stool until they actaully get the command 'go potty'. And which can lead into intestinal tract distress, bacterias in the digestive tract. So what I like to do is, when I first bring a bird out, I will have them - Georgie, you want to step up? Oh, easy! Step up. I know, it is okay - I would say, before I picked him up I would say, go 'Georgie, go potty', Now, he just went to the bathroom so he is not going to. I had say Georgie go potty. I give them a couple of seconds, if they do not go I pick them up. Then I just kind of pay attention to the clock, wait about ten minutes and put them on a T-stand, a play area, wherever you want them to go. And say 'go potty' and then they do, and then you pick them up, just 'good bird', do not make too big of a deal about it because you do not want your bird sitting in the cage waiting for the command to go to the bathroom. So you really want to kind of only halfway potty train them. And of course, the bigger birds usually do not want to potty on you, so they will give you a signal. Like if I was holding Tucci and he had to go to the bathroom, a lot times he will give me the gentlest, not an actual bite, but just like a little nudge and I will be like , hmm, it is been about fifteen, twenty minutes or so and right away he wants to go and he wants to go potty. Because, especially the larger birds do not like to potty on you. The smaller birds, about every five minutes you are going to have to put them down to go to the bathroom because food processes faster. But the bigger birds do not like to potty on you. So you do not have to be that routine in saying 'go potty', and you should not be that routine in saying 'go potty'.