Teaching Parrots to Step Up and Down

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Teaching Parrots to Step Up and Down - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When teaching your bird to step up the most important thing to do is to make sure they have a firm perch to step upon to. So that would mean your thumb tucked, your hand very very firm because the bird is going to test and they are going to when they are not eating. They are going to want to make sure, turn around, they are going to, some birds will actually stick their beak out to test or they will stick their foot out to test to see if it is a firm perch. So, that is the first thing you want. Offer a firm hand. Then you would walk up to the bird and say would you like to step up? Then you, you have got to kind of go in one full swoop. People make the mistake of doing this a lot and they end up getting bit. I am not being bit obviously because she is my bird. Spally, step up. But, always a bird always wants to go higher. Step up. Good girl. Step up. Good girl. Step up. Good girl. And then you can bring them back down. Step up. Good girl. Step up. Good girl. Step up. Good girl. Step up. Good girl. Good girl. Woo woo. Step up. Good girl. Step up. Good girl. Want to fly? It always helps to have a tired bird when you are going to work with step ups if you have a problem with aggression or biting. Want to fly. Wooo. Good girl. Step up. Now I did not say step down when I put her down because birds always want to go up. They never really want to go back down. So I still use the same command, step up, because I did have her step up. Good girl. When I did it I said step up. She was still stepping upwards. And if I, she may step down but I doubt it. Step down. See a little more hesitant. That is why I like to step up. Just keep it very consistent. If you have acquired a new rescued bird or even a baby bird. Say it is a big macaw and you are slightly afraid of it, these ropes, this one is a little beat up because it is out of the cage. Never throw them away. They are nice and firm and versus using a stick for step up training, I prefer to use these ropes because I keep it in a U shape and then you ask the bird to step up. Good girl. And then she cannot run right up my arm where if I had a perch she could run right up my arm and bite me. And then you could do gently into let us fly. Some exercising to tire them and then bring them in for the step up. Good girl. Onto your hand. And step up. Good girl. And always making sure you use a lot of praise. And voice praise is one of the best things you can give them. Plus it teaches them to talk when you praise them.