Meat vs. Vegetarian Diet

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Meat vs. Vegetarian Diet - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Meat and vegetarians, omnivore, pesco-lacto-ovotarians, vegans, there is all these different ways we can align ourselves in our eating habits. There are good things and bad things about all of those. Eating a vegan lifestyle, raw vegan lifestyle, does not mean that somehow you are walking around with a halo, and eating an omnivore lifestyle does not mean you walk around with little devil horns and a pitchfork. It is not about that. It is about what works for your biochemistry. There are people who can be very healthy vegetarians. There are people who do not do well, at all, as a strict vegetarian. So, part of this is trying to figure out how to marry lifestyle and choices with philosophy. And so, you have to be able to look at both of those things. When I work with people that really want to try the vegetarian lifestyle, or the vegan lifestyle, my suggestion is look at this as, this is the new… Well, it is kind of like getting a masters degree in you. You have to learn how to build a healthy eating plan for yourself as a vegetarian. You have to think a little bit more. You have to be a little more dedicated than you do if you are willing to eat some animal products. Now, the trick with the animal products is you have to actually be willing to look at how did that animal get to be on my plate? Or that cheese, or that butter. So, you really want to look carefully at how the animal was raised, treated, processed, because all of those pieces changes the health of the animal, which then changes the health of you when you eat it. So, regardless of whether you are looking at omnivore, eating everything, vegetarian, eating only plants, having a little bit of fish, having a little bit of dairy, having a few eggs, across the board, my recommendation is look very closely at how that food got to you. What are the toxic loads that it brings to you. And then, how can you make even better choices within that range? So, if you eat beef, can you eat organic grass fed beef? If you eat eggs, can you find those eggs locally from chickens next door that were running around eating slugs and bugs like they are supposed to? So, really looking across the board, there, in terms of the health aspects, we all could use more vegetables. I have a couple of vegetarian clients who told me they were vegetarian and their soul source of food intake was macaroni and cheese. That is not a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. So, we really need to be looking at the big picture. How can we bring in more variety on all of those aspects and all of those ways and patterns of eating.