Nutrition: Choosing Eating Plans

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Nutrition: Choosing Eating Plans - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I get a lot of questions about you know people come in and they have got 4 or 5 differents books. And one is eat right for your type, and one is the southbeach, and one is you know the makers diet. They walk in with this stack and they say all of these say they are the way, they are the right way to eat. How, how do I choose? How do I know? Well, really it takes knowing yourself. It takes looking at your own body. It takes looking at your biochemistry and it takes looking at your lifestyle. And number 1, it takes looking at what you are willing to do. How are you prioritizing your health? Are you putting it first? Really, really important across the board I can tell you there is no single book out there, there is no single way to eat out there that is right for everybody on the planet. Every body is different. So it is going to take getting to know you. So when someone comes into my office and asks me that question, I say let us put the books aside and let us get to know you. So we look at blood work. We look at family history. We look at genetics. We look at what their lifestyle is right now. Where do they want to be in the future? What do they want to look like, feel like, act like, live like in the future? And really it is about creating a plan that is sustainable for the long term. This is not about a diet, OK. Diet is kinda a 4 letter word. It is one of those bad words I do not really like to use because a diet is a book ended period of time in your life. You start it. You do this thing. You are very good and you end it and then you go back to doing whatever it was you were doing before and everybody wonders well why did not it work. Well it did work. It worked during that period of time you were doing it. But most diets are not sustainable. They are not something you do for your whole life. So when you are working with someone like me, what I try to do is come up with something that is sustainable. It is not about losing 40 pounds a week. It is not about getting into a dress size for homecoming. It is about trying to figure out how to live my life in a way that changes the trajectory to a healthy one and keeps me there. So you know I may have my wiggle but it is mostly going in a straight line towards health as opposed to veering off severely over the cliff of diabetes or heart disease. So really it is about working with someone who can help you figure out what the best path for you is as opposed to saying you know I subscribe to this diet or this one. It is what works for you and your biochemistry.