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    STEM: Aligning the Interests of Education and Industry


    STEM: Aligning the Interests of Education and Industry
    California STEM Learning Network - The Conference Center at UC Davis
    Educated Guess' John Fensterwald facilitates a discussion with STEM champions who are leading regional STEM networks in Silicon Valley, the Sacramento region, San Bernardino and the Inland Empire, San Diego, Orange County and the East Bay about how to create and sustain inter-segmental, public-private partnerships that are responsive to the unique needs of their local economies and preparing California's future STEM workforce.

    Moderator: John Fensterwald, Educated Guess

    Muhammed Chaudhry, Silicon Valley Education Foundation
    Matt Lonner, East Bay Cradle to Careers Gateway/Chevron Corporation Harold Levine, UC-Davis
    Leslie Rodden, San Bernardino Alliance for Education
    Nancy Taylor, San Diego Science Alliance
    Gerald Solomon, Samueli Foundation