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    Gamification: From Loyalty Programs to Brand Engagement



    Gamification: From Loyalty Programs to Brand Engagement
    The Gamification Summit - The Museum of Jewish Heritage
    Loyalty Goes Virtual: Driving Behavior with Gamified Rewards & Location

    Geoff Lewis, TopGuest

    Location-Based Networks like Foursquare, MyTown and Facebook Places are transforming how consumers engage with retail, brands, travel and each other. At the leading edge, these apps are reinventing loyalty programs, bringing rewards to small merchants and connecting existing programs to the virtual world. Can we cut through the hype and understand how check-ins and location-aware networks will affect brands? What are the most innovative players doing today, and what does the future hold for this approach? How can you leverage the power of gamification and location to create unprecedented engagement? Hear the inside scoop and vision from Geoff Lewis, founder and CEO of TopGuest, the visionary connecting traditional loyalty programs with location-based consumer behavior.

    The Gamification Summit brings together top thought leaders in game mechanics and engagement science. Hear what works and what doesn't in this dynamic and fast-moving field through case studies, keynotes and panels delivered by experts such as Gabe Zichermann (Game-Based Marketing), James Gardner (Spigit), Jon Radoff (Disruptor Beam), Michael Wu (Lithium) and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (founder of Gilt Groupe). Learn how game mechanics and the new science of engagement are rewriting the rules of brand marketing, product design and customer acquisition and get your business in the game.