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    Teaching Entrepreneurship to Innovate Education in the US



    Teaching Entrepreneurship to Innovate Education in the US
    Churchill Club - Santa Clara Hyatt
    ACT 2: THERE

    Innovation in America and Around the World

    Conversations about the evolution of innovation in other parts of the nation and world.Speakers:

    Curt Carlson, CEO, SRI

    As the finale event of its 25 Anniversary Celebration year, Churchill Club proudly presents Igniting Innovation & Mastering Change: A Day-long Conversation in Three Acts, a series of discussions presenting new perspectives and examining opportunities for advancing information locally, nationally, and around the world. Speakers and audience members will engage in discussions and focus on takeaways and insights throughout the day in three segments: 1) Here: Innovation in Silicon Valley; 2) There: Innovation in America and Around the World; 3) …& Then: Inventing the Future

    Churchill Club is Silicon Valley’s premier business and technology forum. The 25 year old, 7,000 member, nonprofit organization has built a reputation for dynamic, in-the-news programs featuring Silicon Valley CEOs, up-and-coming executives and national leaders. Members of the Churchill Club represent a range of industries, companies, and expertise. Individual and corporate members include influential leaders from Silicon Valley’s top companies, managers of both technical and non-technical groups, entrepreneurs, and executives from the service sector.