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    Mutant Bugs and the Morality of Developmental Biology



    Mutant Bugs and the Morality of Developmental Biology
    Innovation Lab - Aarhus City Hall
    Mark Bunger
    Research Director, Lux Research

    Life science, and all things bio, promise even greater revolutions for businesses, organizations, and countries than the digital age. Get the full bio-picture.

    Mark has the best and most informed overview of opportunities and perspectives in the rising field of "bio". Bio being for the next decade what IT was for the previous. He has launched and leads the bioscience unit with Lux Research, a leading research company on emerging technologies that is active in more than 20 countries, servicing some of the largest corporate structures in the world. Mark took the jump from the role of a leading expert on IT, as principal analyst with Forrester Research, to BIO, as he could see that future IT innovations simply didn't match the potential of bioscience, where we move from programming software to essentially programming DNA. A regular guest with CNN, Nature, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal, Mark is an expert at getting the message across.

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