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    Neurocentric Design: How Work Spaces Can Spur Creativity



    Neurocentric Design: How Work Spaces Can Spur Creativity
    Innovation Lab - Aarhus City Hall
    Jake Dunagan
    Research Director, Institute for the Future

    The brain is sexy. Neuroscience and advanced brain scanning offer new tools for re-thinking education, political systems, law, health care, and design. Society and economies will revolutionize by these neurocentric industries. Get your mind around that!

    We've set foot on almost every inch of land on Earth but our own brains are still mostly a mystery. In the coming decade, the brain will become a major frontier of exploration and colonization, with neuroscientists leading the way. New ways to measure and map emotions, cognition, and decision-making at the neurological level will give us more powerful tools to build better health systems, improve education, deliver justice, re-design our political systems, and create persuasive environments. Indeed, "neuro" may be the trendy prefix of the '10s. Jake is a leading expert in the alternative futures of the brain, and will help us understand life in the Neurocentric Age.

    The NEXT 2011 Conference is a rare glimpse into the latest trends and innovations in food, green, design, health and digital. Cutting-edge and single track, the conference brings together a diverse group of speakers from a variety of industries and organizations, including AT&T, Time Inc., Google and Ferrari. This is a great chance to watch idea-driven leaders as they help shape the future of the world.