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    The Digital Remix: A New Paradigm for Creation



    The Digital Remix: A New Paradigm for Creation
    Innovation Lab - Aarhus City Hall
    Henrik Bennetsen
    founder/CEO Katalabs

    In its first two decades the web has had a profound impact on how we work and collaborate. With the emergence of HTML5 the web is poised to enter its 3rd major phase. What will this mean for how we work and play together?

    Until he decided to make a Facebook for all things 3D, Henrik co-founded the Stanford Open Source Lab and directed Stanford University Humanities Lab working with top brands to explore possibilities in virtual environments. Still active at Stanford and very active in KataLabs, his own company that has been praised as a coming platform for sharing digital objects, Henrik comes to paint a portrait of the future of virtual goods, worlds, and phenomena and what massive impact it will have on our daily lives and businesses. Expect no mumbling academia speak from a man who used to live off his skills to outperform original AC/DC-tracks on stage!

    The NEXT 2011 Conference is a rare glimpse into the latest trends and innovations in food, green, design, health and digital. Cutting-edge and single track, the conference brings together a diverse group of speakers from a variety of industries and organizations, including AT&T, Time Inc., Google and Ferrari. This is a great chance to watch idea-driven leaders as they help shape the future of the world.