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    Chinese State-owned Mining Companies Exploit Zambian Miners, Says Rights Group


    by NTDTelevision

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    Human Rights Watch released a report that severely criticizes Chinese copper mining companies in Zambia for exploiting miners and ignoring workers' rights. According to the report, Chinese state-owned mining corporations are consistently violating Zambian laws and international regulations. Here's more.

    Chinese state-owned copper mining companies in Zambia are being severely criticized by an international rights group.

    A Human Rights Watch report released on November 3rd states Chinese mining firms frequently violate Zambian and international labor laws and regulations.


    The 122-page report titled "You'll Be Fired if You Refuse" contains a comprehensive account of how these companies exploit Zambian miners. The violations include poor health and dangerous working environments, and long shifts—from 12 to 18 hours of hard labor.

    The report identifies China Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Corporation (CNMC)—a Chinese state-owned corporation—as the parent company of the four mining companies. It's compiled from recent interviews with miners from three on-site visits.

    The report cites the miners' saying "They just consider production, not safety. If someone dies, he can be replaced tomorrow." Miners report managers bribing or threatening workers to stop them from reporting accidents to the Zambian government Mines Safety Department.

    The head of Human Rights Campaign in China says the Chinese regime exports its bad practices.

    [Hu Jun, China's Human Rights Campaign Head]:
    "Communist China is now spreading its (predatory) concept a number of ways via social disruption overseas."



    Human Rights Watch Africa director Daniel Bekele says many of the violations found in Zambia's Chinese state-owned mines reflect the same kind of abuses as those in China.