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    Israel Fashion Week Takes Center Stage


    by NTDTelevision

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    Israel Fashion Week kicks off in the city of Holon, as fashion designers and trend forecasters from Israel and beyond scope the latest industry insights. Our correspondents bring you the story.


    The city of Holon hosts the event for the third year in a row, though it is the first time that guests will have the opportunity to see some of the globe's leading fashion gurus.

    One of them is Mr. Emran Emad, a leading fashion trend forecaster and financial advisor from the U.S.A.

    Mr. Emad tells us about the meaning of traditional fashion as opposed to modern age digital fashion design.

    [Mr. Emran Emad, Fashion Trend Forecaster]:
    "This tradition was passed down from generation to generation to generation, so just because we have technology it does not mean we should lose it. You know we should keep that too.I think it's important that we preserve the way of doing things the old way because machines cannot make clothes like people can."

    The event was initiated and financially supported by The Municipality of Holon.

    The mayor explains to us why it was important to make the event extend over the whole week.

    [Mr. Moti Sasson, Holon Mayor]:
    "We have some of the finest and most famous fashion design schools in Israel. This obliges us to invest in this field, in order for future generations to express their talents. I have no doubt that their talents will help make our world a better and more enjoyable place in which to live!"

    All the guests were keen to hear about the latest trends in fashion.

    Mr. Emran Emad gave his recommendation for the coming winter:

    [Mr. Emran Emad, Fashion Trend Forecaster]:
    "I have one tip for the men and women out there. There is a big trend in outerwear, so everyone should get a really nice jacket."

    Reporter:Lee Rom Photographer:Michael Ash
    NTD News, Holon, Israel