Christmas Madrigal~ Gift From Persia~ Bellydancer Natalyn


by MunchkinGoddess86

Ok So in this show i played the queen... not alot of speaking...mostly nodding... eating...more nodding... a few bickers with the king...yes yes... no no

This was an additive to the show a now good friend of mine Natalyn "lyn pepler" was our kings gift from persia for the show.

Although you cant hear what i said to him which was complete improv... he looks at her at 3:33 and says yes yes... and i flipped my napkin at him and said " do that again and you'll be sleeping on the royal couch" haha...

For more of natalyns videos please check out her YT page here:

Or go to her website here:

She is located in Roseburg Oregon and gives out classes for Belly dancing.

Thanks for watching... I will have a collage of clips to come very soon with my few speaking lines.