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    GETTO brother/RAP/ by kurtis scott/image/photo/kurtmusicworldnow production

    Kurtis Scott

    by Kurtis Scott

    born curtis futch jr in elonia ga usa/kurtis scott formerly kurt harris/singer song writer
    this is his getto rap /music about the way of the getto/ he began in music about 1952
    as a group singer /THE BEST OF THEM/ THE CAPITOL/ song angel of love/ sing bass on the records.
    he has also recorded with/producer such as clyde otis// dorain burton./hertburn stein.
    who produed and worte songs for the four season. dusty springfield. and other.
    hert recorded kurtis scott than kurt harris on THE CLASSIC SON/LET HER DANCE.
    he change his name to get out of a recording contract. after the EMPEROR OF MY BBAY HEART. fine out more on scott/ go to/