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    Harold Pinter - The Error Of Alarm


    by poetictouch

    Harold Pinter reads his poem The Error Of Alarm - Written in 1955 - Performed 12 November 1964

    The Error Of Alarm
    by Harold Pinter (1930-2008)

    (A woman speaks)

    A pulse in the dark
    I could not arrest
    The error of alarm
    I could not dismiss
    A witness to that bargain
    I could not summon
    If his substance taughtens
    I am the loss of his blood
    If my thighs approve him
    I am the sum of his dread
    If my eyes cajole him
    That is the bargain made
    If my mouth allays him
    I am his proper bride
    If my hands forestall him
    He is death to my care
    If I own to enjoy him
    The bargain's bare
    The fault of alarm
    He does not share
    I die the dear ritual
    And he is my beer.