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    With the website: heat exchanger,heat exchangers,air cooled heat exchangers, finned tube heat exchangers, air to oil coolers, fan type aluminum heat exchangers....manufactured by Taiwan leading manufacturer: Sunny Stone Technology Co., Ltd.

    PLS NEVER TRY SCAMMING, SPAMMING, PITCHING your product info. to us because I know very well about on-line scam skills.

    Our heat exchangers most feature Japanese high quality level, but with relatively lower pricing offers.

    PLS see the testimonial by one of our UK customers as below:
    ""Hi Roger. I received the fans. I just want to say that the quality is VERY GOOD, I am pleased with everything. Louise is ordering 10 more. So many thanks for your Kind attentio..."
    John Fleming
    Sales Manager, FXSIM (UK)

    Welcome serious customers to contact us for our existing models from small up to large air to oil aluminum coolers, or for OEM co-operation.