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    Cheyenne, WY Podiatrist - Michael More, DPM


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    Cheyenne, WY Podiatrist - Michael More, DPM

    Meet Podiatrist Dr. Michael More as he discusses foot care at the Associated Podiatrists.
    If your feet hurt, you hurt all over.
    Kicking off your shoes at the end of the day should be to relax, not to ease the pain. The Cheyenne foot doctors at Associated Podiatrists can get you back on your feet. You'll be walking, hiking, bike riding, and enjoying life again. Taking care of your feet now will enable you to keep active and retain your quality of life well into the future.
    Associated Podiatrists, the foot doctors in Cheyenne, will take care of your needs in a friendly, efficient and relaxed environment. We will get you an appointment within several days of your first call because we know you want to get out of pain now.
    Our office treats all foot problems including the following: Foot pain, Arch and Heel pain, Bunions, Diabetic Neuropathy – (Problems stemming from Diabetes) Burning and tingling in your feet,