Unique Lamps - Home Decoration Inspiration

Geo Beats
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Unique Lamps - Home Decoration Inspiration - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I am going to show you some of my unique lamp cord designs. I am going to start with this Mason Ball jar light. It is recycled glass, and it has been repurposed into a pendant lamp. Inside of it is a tubular light bulb. The light bulb should stay low watt, because you are working with glass here, up to about 40 watts. And it is, it has a neon yellow neck cord that needs to be hard wired into andy standard ceiling fixture. The cord is 5 feet, but it can be shortened, you can just come by me at any time, and I can cut it for you. This next piece is a vintage gooseneck lamp. It can be positioned in lots of different ways, so it gives you lots of lighting versatility. It is a beautiful mint green color. Has a lot of distressing to it, which adds to its vintage character. The cord is a nice baby blue color. And to add a little vintage flair, I added a brown and yellow light plug to it. This next piece is one of my favorites. It is a vintage doll that has a lamp running through it. The doll can be repositioned in lots of different positions. It is kinda creepy, it moves around. You can position it 1 day, wake up the next, and forget. The cord is red, and it matches its creepy red nail polish, lips, and toes.