Jerusalem Festival Pays Tribute to the Middle Ages


by NTDTelevision

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And now to Jerusalem's Old City, where a festival dedicated to the Middle Ages is being held.
Our correspondents bring us the sights and sounds.

The ancient walls of the Old City of Jerusalem are coming to life. A festival called "The City of Lions" is in town. Its theme: The Middle Ages, and it’s a collaboration between Israeli and Italian artists.

[Alexandro Montello, Italian Actor]:
"I am the owner of a company that works in theater in Italy, and we are here to represent a part of the Carnival of Venice and to bring to Jerusalem a part of the ancient Italian culture."

The festival is the second of three festivals this year organized by the municipality of Jerusalem, aiming to revive the Old City's night life.

[Efi Bibi, Israeli Actor]:
"The role of this festival is to provide a glimpse into the Middle Ages, to attract people to our magnificent city of Jerusalem. And through this festival people come here, get acquainted, have experiences and a good time. They also learn about the city and about how it was like thousands of years ago. "

Knights in shining armor fighting to the "death," jokers doing their tricks and crazy beggars are some of the typical Medievil characters strolling the streets.

Urana from the Italian city of Bologna is also known by her stage name: "Urana from Another Planet."

[Urana, Italian Actoress]:
"It's nice because there are many people, many languages, many cultures – international festival – very beautiful."

The Festival runs every Thursday through the month of November.

NTD News, Jerusalem

Reporting: Rani Shoket & Robert Blonder
Photography: Rani Shoket