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    Batman Meets Scooby Doo

    Gareth Barsby

    by Gareth Barsby

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    So after doing those trailers, I decided to bite the bullet and see if I could make a short film based on Nolan's Batman meeting Scooby Doo using clips from their movies.

    Based loosely on the New Scooby Doo Movies episodes, this is about Scoob and the gang going to Gotham to investigate a mysterious man in a Scarecrow mask. But this Scarecrow gives Scooby a face full of fear gas and captures him for his experiments. Both Batman and Mysteries Inc search for the poor dog, but Scooby finds himself in the clutches of the Joker. After trying to psyche Scoob out, Joker then gets Batman and the gang to come to his funhouse.

    Yes, and I know the gang keep magically changing clothes. I beg your forgiveness.