Shelley Penney | Liquid Zeolite vs Zeolite Powder - What's in Your Bottle? | Best Zeolite

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Shelley Penney
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  • Add to Shelley Penney does a zeolite experiment. Compare liquid zeolite (which is CLEAR!) to the same amount of zeolite that they SAY is in the bottle, to a similar amount of pure micronized activated zeolite powder, and see how they compare.

Since you spend so much for zeolite, you may as well get the zeolite that gives you the best value, was used in all the studies, is mined specifically for human consumption, and is cleaned.

The MLM liquid zeolite 'says' that you get 24 mg per dose of 3 drops. In the zeolite powder, which is micronized, you get 5000 !!! mg per dose. Watch the video before you spend money on a zeolite product!