"Sad Future" 3D in real scenes V2 (Blender 2.6 compositing, Tomato branch track, etc..)


par Vehga

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Tomwalks : pseudo Youtube.
Once again, I'm practicing with the blender's compositer in order, later (when i'll be able get that movie like "professional look"), to make a 100% Blender short movie, mixing live and 3D elements. I hope to involve Cycles renderer in the party next time and see what it could look like.
Just like before, this 100% Bender made.
*Obviously at 1:49, not a "Descent" video but a "decent" video.
Songs come from Danosongs.com
Sounds from Universal-soundbank.com

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tu bosses pour des stufios d effets spéciaux ?
Par rossbov L'année dernière