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    Leading R&D Through Process Development

    Steven Bonacorsi

    by Steven Bonacorsi

    Tom Cochrane, Business Process Development Manager at Napp Pharmaceuticals

    * Why process improvement is increasingly becoming considered essential for all process-oriented areas of the business & spread outside the manufacturing sector.
    * What has changed about the way people view process development today & past 10 years.
    * What caused the shift toward a process focus in Napp, the impact of the recession and the biggest success in that period.
    * The challenge of engaging teams to commit, invest in and manage improvement programmes and manage this improvement process across numerous functional teams and how this is being tackled at Napp.
    * Why companies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors are struggling to achieve tangible results from in their R&D process and how Napp is performing.
    * How process excellence in the Pharmaceutical industry is expected to evolve over the next 2 years and some crucial lessons learned and critical success factors.