20 Favourite Thin Lizzy Songs

Blair Lucas
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My 20 Favourite Thin Lizzy Songs


Yellow Matter Custard is a music blog dedicated to providing people with my favorite music and new gems I find over the course of time. Music primarily from the 60's and 70's, but also has newer material from the indie scene as well.

Yellow Matter Custard has been around since August 2010

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Finally, somebody waving the flag for "Vagabond of the western world" . ive heard all the "hits" and they are just do not grip me at all. i like really moody songs. i sampled "vagabond" and the verse hit me like a ton of shite. the swagger was ridiculous. the chorus is very powerful too. just amazing all the way through. it was immediate and lasting. easily the best Thin Lizzy song. imho
By dm_527401c482e0c last year