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    Vladimir Horowitz - Chopin - Ballade


    by beautifulcynic

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    Herbert Hall
    Exquisite playing.
    By Herbert Hall2 years ago
    I meant to say that sometimes Horowitz searched for phrasing that wasn't even there! This was when he was older and fortunately didn't last too long. Chopin, upon hearing this performance if the composer were alive today would undoubtedly appreciate the virtuosity but probably would criticize the ending as too cavalier and way too fast. The precedence for this is because Chopin told none other than Franz Liszt that Liszt played the Polonaise in A-flat too fast. In fact, Horowitz plays that piece too fast also in my humbly opinion. But, who can play way with such technique? It staggers the imagination. So I am not criticizing the Great Horowitz. Horowitz was very very emotional. Emotion is not just angelic happiness, bliss or is demonic too. Horowitz said on 60 Minutes that "There is an angel and a devil in me!" The commentator replied "Yes, Maestro, that is well-known!" All in all this performance staggers the imagination. Thanks for putting it on DailyMotion.
    By borisoff224 years ago
    I want to expand on the comment above by the person who posted this very fine Horowitz performance. I know that Horowitz appears to some to be either the most creative of pianists in his in terms of his musical interpretations or to some the "Master of Distortion". He always claimed that he had to exaggerate a certain amount so his audience would get the message since he never wanted anyone to go to a concert to listen to a lecture. Horowitz obviously had an unusual neuromuscular dexterity where his reflexes were almost electric and so very quick. He played with a flat position called knuckle technique. He learned this from teachers like Tarnovsky. Horowitz was interested in nuance playing so softly like a god! No, Horowitz was always emotional. Emotion is not just sentiment but also power. Horowitz was hyper, his technique was a means to a musical end...faster, more and more creativity. Sometimes he searched for phrasing that was even there...only for a short time luckily.
    By borisoff225 years ago
    alain serris
    quelle merveille l'opus 23 est la ballade qui m'a le plus révéler la sensibilité qu'avait chopin
    By alain serris7 years ago
    bande de naze, kan tu veu chopin jte met tou au clavecin
    By leoromero297 years ago
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