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    Sony NSX-46GT1 46-Inch 1080p LED HDTV Google TV

    Lopmos Lukasnat

    โดย Lopmos Lukasnat

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    We have been waiting years for just the right tv. I bought this sony googletv to replace my 20" sony tube tv (yep you heard me right 20") that I bought 14 years ago and was still going strong. So I dont have much to compare with as far as picture quality or sound or internet. I was blown away by the picture (when I finally got it hooked up) and the sound is nothing short of amazing when hooked up through my receiver. I actually heard lines in movies I have never heard before. Only complaint you cant watch hulu or some online shows through the network website. Closed Caption does not work through tv must set up with your cable box instead. Love the picture in picture. Beautiful people arent as beautiful in HD.