God Is An Astronaut "Age of the Fifth Sun" (Jesús Vögel visuals) Official Videoclip

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Track: "Age of the Fifth Sun" by God is an Astronaut
"Age of the Fifth Sun" LP - Revive Records

Video: Jesús Vögel a.k.a Errorvision

Official Videoclip


God Is an Astronaut is a group of Irish post-rock instrumental composed by Torsten Kinsella (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Niels Kinsella (bass, guitar) and Lloyd Hanney (drums, synthesizers).

"All is Violent, All Is Bright" released in 2005, was the second release of the band. This album is structured from peaceful melodies to more intense and provides an accurate representation of their actual sound. The single "Fragile" was reprinted in European MTV channels.

"Age of the Fifth Sun" as well as an EP, is her fifth studio album, released internationally in May 2010.

This audiovisual work of God Is an Astronaut and Jesús Vögel born by an interest in translating the idea into a piece of the Mayan prophecies about the end of the world in 2012.

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