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    Jahdan Blakkamoore / All Comes Back to One

    James Smith

    by James Smith

    Jahdan Blakkamoore
    "All Comes Back to One"
    Produced by longtime Jahdan collaborator Andrew 'Moon' Bain aka Digital Ancient (“Cash Flow,” Major Lazer, “Beauty of the Beast,” Noble Society), “All Comes Back to One” is an acoustic guitar-driven ballad which showcases Jahdan’s melodic intelligence at its brightest, his haunting voice and deft lyrics framed by the modern one drop rhythm like a gemstone in a subtle gold setting. The video, shot and directed Amir Ebrahimi of Metric9 productions, channels both the rough edges and the bright colors of Jahdan’s hometown of Brooklyn and makes a fine introduction to the Guyana-born, New York-bred artist’s sophomore album Babylon Nightmare. Modern but deep-rooted; vibrant but gritty, it has both feet firmly planted on the city streets even as it reaches for stars of universal shine.