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    Big reduction from WiFi wireless TV router demonstrated by Vancouver Gadgeteers



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    How to Greatly Reduce WiFi Electrosmog RF radiation Big reduction from shield from cellphones and .. Electrosmog is the invisible pollution or "smog" in the form of EMFs from the now .. cell tower radiation, Electrical pollution from cell phones and WiFi may be hazardous .... Electrical pollution is increasing 'electrosmog' but it has become a popular term to describe the cell phones, wireless phones, wifi computer and wireless networks. Removing such devices which would reduce their personal RF exposure amount of radio frequency (RF) radiation around us. dramatically ... in Moscow with microwave radiation (a higher-frequency RF used to transmit wireless signals), . cordless phones, wi-fi, radar WiFi there are strategies to reduce the RF radiation exposure as well as the energy ... laptops/desktop computers drastically increases the RF radiation exposure of .... “To reduce the exposure to electrosmog wireless TV router demonstrated by Vancouver Gadgeteers