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Chill Rob G feat. Power Jam - The Power (US Version 1989) The First Single

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You see and hear the first single "The Power" by Chill Rob G ,before the band ... "SNAP!" their published version.

The Power (1990) Original Sampled
01- Love's Gonna Get You by Jocelyn Brown (1985)
02- King of the Beats by Mantronix (1988)
03- Let the Words Flow by Chill Rob G (1989)

Label: Wild Pitch Records
Country: US Version 1989

Power Jam ..
Real Name: Michael Münzing & Luca Anzilotti

Power Jam was the first name under which German producers Michael Münzing (Benito Benites) and Luca Anzilotti (John Virgo Garrett III) were noticed for their 1990 Hit "The Power".
The first version of "The Power" was an amalgamate of samples. The beats were taken from Mantronix's "King Of The Beats Lesson #1" (from their 1990 album "This Should Move Ya"), the vocals were taken from "Let The Words Flow" by rapper Chill Rob G and from "Love's Gonna Get You" by Jocelyn Brown.