Thunderbirds - Terror In New York City 4/5


by tracking291

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Gerry Anderson Classic
ITC ENTERMAINMENT (Supermarionation) music from Stingray can be heard in this episode.

Thunderbird 2 gets put out of action after being mistaken for a hostile aircraft by the Navy warship ‘Sentinel’ and seriously damaged down. Worse is yet to come when the moving of the Empire State Building turns into a disaster when the ground underneath collapse due the subsidence, trapping a reporter and his cameraman – who attempted to videotape Thunderbird 1 without permission – below the wreckage.

Without the use of Thunderbird 4 to transport Thunderbird 4 to the danger zone, International Rescue seek help from the Navy vessel that attacked Thunderbird 2 take Thunderbird 4 to new York and navigate through the underground river to Ned Cook’s location.