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    3D mandelbrot fractal zoom (split point)


    by teamfresh

    Rendered by teamfresh @
    Audio is “Head Of Beans” by Marten Fisher

    After rendering my first few animations of the mandelbox – I found my camera skills leaving a lot to be desired when it came to moving around and into the mandelbox! Some movements were too quick and jerky – whilst others took too long to play out. So I have been trying my video editing skills to resolve the problem.

    To smooth the camera’s pitch and roll, I remapped the time of the fast areas to slow them down, that worked, but although the camera had smoothed out, the animation was very jerky as it was only 4-5frames per seconds at some points. Now you can just blend original frames together to create new ones and put them in between the originals – fine if you have at least 15-20fps to play with but when the frame rate is as low as 4-5fps (normally i render at 30fps) it gives bad results. so instead I used a pixel blending technique to create the brand new frames – so that the video could slow down without the animation losing details.

    I have decided they were good results – although it led to a longer post production time.