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    Belly Dancing: Wide Pelvic Rotation - Women's Fitness

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Belly Dancing: Wide Pelvic Rotation - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. Now we are going to learn how to do a wide pelvic rotation in belly dance. So, this is the first move that we are going to do. Our feet our wider than our hips. I am going to push my hip out to the side. The upper body leans away from the pelvis. If you imagine tin man trying to move his hips, the upper body would always fall in the opposite direction because there is no waist. We are not breaking at the waist with this move at all, just side to side. Now, I am going to bring the pelvis forward and I am just going to slightly soften the knees, engage the abdominals so I am not in a backbend. I am just sort of softening the knees and then pulling straight back from the belly button. Now this is really important, I do not want to release the pelvis and let my butt stick out. I have to keep contracted. Just feel that rocking forward and back, squeezing the abdominals when the pelvis is behind you, keeping a nice, long spine. Now we are going to combine these two moves, bringing it side, forward, side and back. Once I smooth that out, I am now drawing a wide circle with my hips. I think of it actually going around my feet, in front of them, to the side of them, behind them and back to the side. It is a very soft, fluid movement, easy on the body. There should be no strain in this at all. Now, you notice the chin is just sort of here, resting on an invisible shelf. I am not letting it come with me. It is just nice and neutral, all the action is below the neck. Good. Now let us try it in the other direction. Hips are side, forward, side, and back. Again, pulling in with those abdominals, not releasing. Side, back, side, forward. That is very good. Good. Now I just want to show you an option for your arms. I am going to cross and lower them out. Crossing at the chest, lowering, and then bringing them out to the side. We are going to pair that with the hip circle. So, they are going to cross and open, cross and open. Notice I am maintaining space between the hands and the chest. There is no physical contact here. Space for the arms to just naturally follow the flow of the pelvis and create a beautiful movement. Let us do the opposite direction. I am going to push the arms out and lower them down and back to the crossed position. So, they open and lower. Open and lower. That is your wide pelvic rotation.