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    World's First 4D Map App Launches in New York


    by NTDTelevision

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    A Worlds first 4D Map Application was launched in Manhattan last Wednesday. The App allows users a much faster way to locate their favourite places.

    New Yorkers can now have a look at their city with the world's first 4D map application. Developed by VanDam Inc., "NYC 4DmApp" was introduced to the public at a launch party on Wednesday.

    The event held in Manhattan gave attendees a chance to experience the application for the first time and navigate through the city using their iPhones, iPods and iPads.


    The company's president explains what motivated him to create the map.

    [Stephan Van Dam, President of VanDam Inc.]:
    "I always been fascinated with playing with the dimensionality and the sex appeal of maps, because the power of map harnesses the power the miniature, it makes us feels as if we're in control. We have an overview on how things hang together and that's a very powerful way to engage the public. The problem that many people have with the map, is that the map is an abstraction for reality, which means, I'm here and the map is over there and by bridging the abstractness of the map with the concreteness of becoming part of it, is a whole new experience where you can look at the map from above and you can emerge yourself and be part of it all at the same time. Which means for those who are challenged with direction, that is no longer a problem."

    He says the new technology can help users become part of the map.



    4DmApp is currently only available in the New York market, but developers are planning on maps for other U.S. cities and other countries.

    Besides zooming with lightning speed, the 4D map works and searches off-line so an internet connection isn't needed. It can be easily downloaded on the iTunes app store as well as on VanDam's website.

    NTD News, New York