Police and Demonstrators Prepare for the G20 Summit

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Demonstrators and police forces on the French Riviera make final preparations ahead of a two-day G20 in Cannes. The anti-G20 protesters and Oxfam were there with a strong message for politicians.

With the G20 summit in Cannes on the horizon, protesters and police forces alike were gearing up on Monday.

Police forces trained with units arriving from all over France, to secure the G20 summit in neighboring Cannes this week.

As reinforcements arrive from different regions, they need to coordinate their response to possible events such as violent protests or attacks.

Meanwhile, anti-G20 protesters are making their own pre-summit preparations as they arrive in Nice to demonstrate against the G20.

The anti-G20 movement says the politicians that will attend the summit are failing the people.

Protesters say they are calling on the G20 leaders to tax financial transactions and are ready to make sure their message is heard.

In Paris, Oxfam also mobilized to send its own message that, though Cannes is known for its annual film festival, the G20 is "no movie."

Outside the Petit Palais, effigies depicting the oversized heads of G20 leaders dressed in movie star regalia strutted up a red carpet.

[Steve Price-Thomas, Oxfam G20 Strategy Manager]:
"The situation now in the world is so serious that the leaders need to take real action, and it's not just a film festival."

The G20 summit will be held in Cannes on November third and fourth.