Super Shorts Submission (11-0139SS ) Drink!

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Tiago Inácio
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Title: Drink!
Submitted by: Tiago Inácio
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Synopsis: Julia is confined and held hostage by her own memories of a traumatic event that changes her perspective on what threatens her and what soothes her.. She is isolated in a house, remembering the memories and fantasies of such events. She is surrounded by the source of her discomfort, but in an apparent state of tranquility and peace. The physical and visual contact with the source of her traumas and fears, the Water Element, triggers a re-living of those moments when she almost drowned. Her partner Alex arrives on the scene, she intends to confront her with her irrational state of mind, and tries to make her react and leave this apparent limbo of continuous repetitions of the moments when she was submerged in the water…
There will be unpredictable and unexpected consequences. What is true? Are her memories real? Is she really being threatened? Is Julia still at the bottom of the ocean?

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