Winter Dress Ideas for Work - Women's Style

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Winter Dress Ideas for Work - Women's Style - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. You are looking for styles to wear to the office for Winter, 2011. There is a few really fun options this season. So the first one I am going to show you, is this outfit here. Now, if you are in a warm climate for winter, you can do something like this ruffled tank, where it is really pretty, it is not too low. So you are not showing too much. And pair it with your high waisted skirts. And it is a great way to really update that wardrobe. And this one is a really great piece. It is long, it is conservative, but it still has a little style to it. And you can put your belt with it, even your boots, to really make it a little dressier for work. Now here is some prints that are going to be great for winter, 2011. And this is a really great way to mix into your work wardrobe, so you can have fun, both at work, and when you go out casually. So this dress, it is pleated and it has the belt, so it is going to give you a waist. But you still want to play with that print. So do a bright shoe, and do your tights if you are in a colder climate, and it is really going to mix it up well. So now, here is another dress for your winter office wardrobe. Now, this one may seem a little casual, but when you pair it with the right accessories, it is really going to work. If you are in a colder climate, pair it with your leggings and your boots, and a nice blazer. And that is really going to dress it up while you still get the print in there. Now, sweaters are always a great mix too. You can pair them with your slacks, with your jeans, depending on where you work, for casual or dressy. And this one I have here is actually perfect for a work setting, because it is casual, but it is still dressy with the knit. And it is got a good cowl neck, so you are not showing too much, but you still have that fashion style in there too.