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    I Need Nothing - a nearly useless odyssey


    por caoceito

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    Repositories of stories and its enriching emotions, the covers, that accomodate the existing panoply of musical genres, are the motto for this exibition. The focus is made on album covers that often conquer our memory even when music slightly reached our ears. Major graphic disasters or deified, unduly ignored or zeitgeists, covers provide listening with a touch and an image, with the act of collection and share. From cover to cover, going thru all the stories (and histories), we wrote a new one to the sound of a song that repeats: I need nothing, I’ve everything I need.

    ‘I need nothing’ is an original concept from Cãoceito + Burdman, shot by Moopie. Its premier happens as a tangential project of EXD’11.

    Cãoceito - artwork and packging for musical projects

    caoceito.ed [at] gmail [dot] com

    Music - Doughnut by The Parenthetical Girls

    shot by Moopie Videos