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Relaxing Music Waterfall Saga - New Age

vor 7 Jahren121 views

Album : Waterfall Saga New Age Edition
Artist : Pascal Michael Stiefel

Waterfall saga is an outstanding inspirational and relaxing music journey into the nature of our soul. Pascal Michael Stiefel creates music that inspires the mind and leads to a place of peace. Waterfall is a musical saga, an insightful story told with classical orchestra and relaxing new age music. Whether as individual pieces for short relaxation, or as a whole story. Waterfall saga is a consistent, impressive and enchanting relaxing musical masterpiece.
The main theme of water is carried throughout the whole album and is an important part and I loved how the artist has managed to tell only with the help of melodies and sounds a whole, self-contained story about the importance of water. Waterfall saga has touched me and moved me-
Highly Recommended!

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Relaxing Music Waterfall Saga - New Age
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