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    Eye Doctor Mineola NY, Eye Exam, Melania Napolitano Williston Park, Garden City, Optometry


    by Optometristmineola

    Eye Doctor Mineola NY, Dr. Melania Napolitano, speaks about eye exam and the need to check your eye vision regularly. For the people with no eye problem and no eyeglasses, every two years is recommended but for the age of 35 and up with eye vision problem every year eye examination is necessary. For the patient with high blood cholesterol or diabetics or any other health problem that effects eye vision, the eye exam should be done every six months. There are some certain medications that effect directly on eye vision, examples are blood pressure medication, steroid medication, Aspirin and so on. Elderly people also are advised to take the eye exam every 6 months.
    Eye exam could be done at 20/20 Eye Care, Mineola NY. For more videos please visit the following link:
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