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    Esthetic Dentist Greenville SC, Missing Teeth Consequences & Headache, Blake Julian, 29607


    by DentistryGreenville

    Esthetic Dentist Greenville SC., Dr. Blake Julian addresses Missing back teeth; ignored except when resulting in migraine headaches, shifting teeth and bad bite. Dental misalignment can cause tension in the neck and shoulders, with muscle and back aches. Teeth gradually shift into empty spaces, compromising function and looks, resulting in a malocclusion (dysfunctional bite), headaches, and shoulder pain. If teeth can't be saved, replacement is imperative, whether it's with dental implants, dentures or partial bridges, to save the bite, and facial structure. Deterioration over time leads to long term, expensive orthodontic work. Missing teeth also causes chewing on one side, fatigue in the joints and muscles of the jaw, and headaches, unresolved by over the counter pain relievers . For more information visit Dentist in Greenville SC., Dr. Blake Julian at