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Dental crown dentist Greenville SC, Dr. Blake Julian speaks about laser dentistry in this video interview. Lasers have been used in dentistry since the early 1990's. Dental lasers are used to correct many imperfections of the teeth and mouth. Dr. Blake Julian mentions that there are different types of dental lasers in the market. He gives some example of some if the lasers used by dentistry practitioners. There is the hard tissue laser, and there is the soft tissue laser. The hard tissue laser is used to correct teeth imperfections. Soft tissue lasers are used to treat problems in the gums. In some cases soft tissue lasers are used to cut some areas of the gums. Dr. Blake Julian also mentions that the dental laser of his choice is the CO2 laser because it allows him to work more comfortably and is also a very strong laser that can in fact used to cut when necessary. Lasers must be used very carefully, because they can be harmful.